Where are they now? Check out World Champion Podcast with Sean Black and Bryton SLC

The Wednesday Warriors have disbanded but new adventures await around every corner! 2/4ths of the Warriors, Sean Black and Bryton SLC are still podcasting, having signed a bad contract with the Smogville World’s Fair. They now find themselves trapped in a ferris wheel and forced to discuss fringe and forgotten...

Episode #75 – ‘Nuff Said

A finale that will be talked about and forever compared to the likes of Lost and The Sopranos, the Wednesday Warriors finally say so long and farewell to the podcast world. The supersized issue-sode features some final tales to astonish, a trip down memory lane, and a heartfelt thanks to...

Episode #73 – Collecting Collections

Episode 73 – Collections What the hell is going on? After 73 episodes we’re finally ready to build the perfect pizza. Jonas says “domo arigato” to Mr. Robot, we share our beef with a local sports team, and we talk about the hobby of collecting. Download the episode now:

Episode #72 – The Holy Mountain

Episode #72 – The Holy Mountain After watching the documentary “Jodorowsky’s Dune” a third time Jonas decides to watch one of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s films to see what this guys is all about. The guys discuss the madness that is “The Holy Mountain”. Download the episode now:

Episode #71 – Slobberknocker

Episode #71 – Slobberknocker Sleazy Sean Leazly, Sean Cena, Stone Cold Jonasty, and Bryton the Brain step into the squared circle to talk Summerslam and the Sport of Kings! Download the episode now:


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